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Shanghai Hapstar Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Attended the East China Institute of Technology’s “Outstanding Student Scholarship of Nuclear Discipline” Award Ceremony.

The awarding ceremony for the "Nuclear Science Professional Development Fund" donation and the "Nuclear Science Outstanding Student Scholarship" in 2022 was held at East China University of Technology on March 27, 2023. Wang Yong, the deputy general manager of Shanghai Hapstar Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., and his delegation were invited to attend. Mr. Liu Yunhai, vice president of Donghua University of Technology, Mrs. Liao Hui, director of marketing for Shanghai Hapstar Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., as well as various instructors and students, were present at the ceremony.

Mr. Liu thanks the alumni and Shanghai Hapstar Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. for continuing to support the Institute's expansion and building over the years.


Vice President Liu Yunhai gave Mr. Wang Yong the donation certificate on the school’s behalf at the ceremony. According to Mr. Wang Yong, alumni of the East China Institute of Technology have made significant contributions to the growth of Shanghai hapstar. The Nuclear Discipline Scholarship at East China University of Technology was established by Shanghai hapstar Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. to support the advancement of academics and the aspirations of students.  It's one of our company's methods for procuring water, considering its source, and paying the school back. Additionally, it allows us to uphold our social and corporate obligations. The collaboration between businesses and schools will be further strengthened in the future to support shared development.

Director Liu Guangping stated in his address that the university's relevant departments will sincerely uphold the contribution agreement, maximize the fund’s benefits, and support the high-quality development of talent training. The student representative of the winning students appreciated Shanghai hapstar and the teachers for their rigorous instruction. He also thanked them for their attention and encouragement. He declared that he would continue the nuclear industry's goals and be a good young person in the new era who has both virtue and ability, takes risks, dares to explore, and serves the nation with strong nuclear.

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Vice President thanked our company on behalf of the university for our generosity, social responsibility, and recognition of the school's graduates. He also thanked our company for creating a platform for students at East China Institute of Technology to interact with the community, engage in practice, and find employment. They place a high value on developing expertise in nuclear engineering and nuclear technology, and the two sides have continued to work closely together. In order to promote deep integration of industry, university, and research in the areas of talent, technology, scientific research, and achievement transformation, the university and the company should continue to leverage their respective advantages in the future. It is intended that the students who get the financing will acquire their talents effectively, pass down the school's slogan, "be pragmatic, uphold justice, and serve the motherland and society," as well as the new nuclear industry spirit of "strong nuclear service to the country, innovation, and dedication."

Post time: Apr-14-2023