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The work fostered by leaders of the Shanghai Minhang District Federation of Trade Unions

The Party Secretary of the Minhang District Federation of Trade Unions, Zhu Dongmei, and his delegation paid a visit to Shanghai hapstar on August 4, 2022.

Vice President Wang Yong gave an introduction of the company's operations and business while Secretary Zhu, other executives, and he visited the office and manufacturing areas.  Our company has consistently remained in the nuclear and radiation monitoring instrument field in the hopes of  giving back in a meaningful way to the community. According to Secretary Zhu, the national proponent of "Made in China" has given the company possibilities and difficulties today, while the accomplishments and future development have raised hopes and expectations.


On behalf of the District Federation of Trade Unions, Secretary Zhu posed concerns in the forum regarding the challenges faced by businesses in the ongoing epidemic prevention and control. According to Mr. Wang, although the outbreak caused some issues with the general operation of businesses in the first half of the year, normal business operations and development of businesses eventually got back on track with the thorough and organized restart of work and production.

Later, Secretary Zhu and other trade union leaders provided corresponding recommendations and answers to the issues that our company was worried about, including the demand for public rental housing, the demand for talent recruitment, and staff skill development. And given that the district trade unions at all levels are highly concerned about the development of the enterprise, they will all respond and find solutions in various ways to the challenges and problems raised by the enterprise.

Post time: Apr-14-2023