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RLA-100F/2/4/6/8 Air flow α,β meter with low background

Short Description:

LA-100F/2/4/6/8Air flow α,β meter is mainly used for the measurement of total α and total β in water, biological samples, aerosol, food, medicine, soil, rock and other media. It is widely used in environmental samples, radiation protection, medicine and health care, agricultural science, import and export commodity inspection, geological exploration, nuclear power plants and other fields.

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    Product Tags


    Scientific Research Institution



    National Defense Units


    Customs and Port Sample Testing


    Nuclear Medicine


    Interventional Medicine


    Radiation Medicine


    Nuclear Counter-Terrorism


    Nuclear Facilities


    Nuclear Emergency Preparedness


    Product Features

    With an independent drawer type design


    It can change the sample separately, and can also set the sample measurement time separately according to the sample activity


    Individual stopping of one measurement can be set

    Detectors are independent measurement channels, and the overall gas system is connected in parallel, so each channel works independently without mutual influence.

    The detector can be replaced directly for easy maintenance

    The anti-coincidence detector adopts an air flow proportional counter with a gamma anti-coincidence efficiency of more than 99%

    Data can be transferred to the database

    Count measurement mode or MDA measurement mode can be selected at your need

    Can be extended to up to 10 detectors

    Technical Specifications

    Alpha Background 0.03 ~ 0.07 cpm,≤0.1 cpm can be guaranteed
    Beta background 0.4 ~0.7 cpm,≤0.9cpm can be guaranteed
    Alpha detection efficiency 210Po- 40%, 241Am - 40%, 230Th- 40%
    Beta detection efficiency 90Sr- 55%, 137Cs - 40%, 99Tc- 35%
    Crosstalk <1.5%@α into β;<0.5% @β into α
    Flat <1.5% @slope / 100V;β <2.5% @slope / 100V
    Detector Inhomogeneity 7-inch super-large capacitive touch screen
    Power Supply AC220V / 50Hz
    Operating Temperature 10℃ to 40℃
    Relative humidity  20 ~ 90%, no condensation

    Model Selection

    Model Description
    RLA-100F/2 2-line, with counter-conformity to double-screening orientation
    RLA-100F/4 4-line, with counter-conformity to double-screening orientation
    RLA-100F/6 6-line, with counter-conformity to double-screening orientation
    RLA-100F/8 8-line, with counter-conformity to double-screening orientation


    Configuration List

    RLA-100F Air flow α,β meter

    Power Adapter


    Sample Tray

    USB Cable


    Lead Shielding Room

    Handling Handle for Lead Shielding Room

    User Manual


    Other Necessary Accessories


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