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RLA-200 Contamination Radioactivity Detector in Water and Food

Short Description:

RLA-200 Contamination Radioactivity Detector in Water and Food is mainly used to detect gamma radioactivity in food, water, environmental samples and other samples.RLA-200 has an excellent lower limit of detection, with a custom radionuclide pool. Moreover, the detector is simple to operate and enables rapid measurements of gamma radioactivity.


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    It quickly detects the levels of radioactive contamination in food or water.

    It is suitable for families, enterprises, shopping malls and inspection and quarantine, disease control, environmental protection and other institutions.

    It is used to measure the specific radioactivity of the 137Cs and 131I radioisotopes in food and water (including various beverages).

    Product Features

    Exandable radionuclide repertoire


    Small in size and easy to carry

    Background rejection 


    Automatical peak seeking


    Automatical spectrum stabilizing

    Easy to operate


    Multi-touch LCD display


    Multiple communication modes are available


    Technical Specifications

    Energy Resolution above 7.5%
    Lead Shield 20mm thick, 4πsr lead shield
    Detection Range 1 to 10000000 Bq/L
    Lower Limit of Detection 10 Bq/L (137Cs)
    Detection Time 1s to 24h, continuous and adjustable
    Detection Volume 500 mL
    Display 7-inch super-large capacitive touch screen
    Communication Interface USB
    Power Supply lithium battery 
    Operating Temperature -10℃ to 40℃
    Detector  φ 40mm 60mm NaI scintillator

    Configuration List

    RLA-200 Contamination Radioactivity Detector


    Lead Cover


    Sample Cup (With K40 Powder Source Inside)

    Marin Cup


    Power Charger 


    Certificate of Conformity


    User Manual


    Other Necessary Accessories


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