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ECTW-1 Water Electrolyzer for Tritium Enrichment

Short Description:

ECTW-1 is designed for tritium enrichment in natural water. The energy of beta from tritium decay is too low to measure directly. Liquid Scintilation Counter (LSC) is usually used for tritium measurement. But the volume activity of tritium in nature water is very low and can’t be measured accurately by using a LSC.

To obtain the exact volume activity of tritium in nature water, the enrichment is necessary. ECTW-1 is based on a solid polymer eclectrolyte (SPE). It makes the enrichment process very sample and easy for customers.

Product Detail

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Working Principle

Since deuterated water (HTO) is more difficult to electrolyze than water (H2O), the ECTW-1 employs a solid polymer eclectrolyte (SPE) to catalyze electrolysis, thereby concentrating tritium in water.

Software Controls

7-inch touched control panel

Operating modes: automatic mode/manual mode

Communication interfaces: Ethernet and USB

Human-computer friendly interaction

Software interface: operation display, real-time data curve, historical data query, parameter configuration


Product Features


Adopting a unique and innovative design, it has obtained the national invention patent

Simple and Easy to Use

Adopting SPE membrane method, it does not involve acid-base neutralization reaction, does not need liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other materials, and do completes all operations with one key

Highly Automated

It control circuit by liquid level, pressure, temperature and other signals, to realize the automatic control of the entire electrolytic process

Integral Cooling

The electrolysis temperature is always kept at about 5-10℃, avoiding blockage due to water vapor freezing.

Excellent Stability

The SPE membrane electrolytic cell was used to electrolyse the concentrated set at constant temperature, so the device showed excellent stability with the deviation of electrolysis time less than 2%.

Good Reproducibility

A unique laser liquid level control sensor is used to accurately control the residual amount of each electrolysis.

Long Service Life

The service life of the electrolytic cell is greater than 6,000 hours.

High Security

H2 and O2 produced during the electrolysis process are respectively isolated by the semi-permeable membrane, to avoid combustion and explosion caused by mixing of H2 and O2 in the device.

Security Redundancy Design

Multiple safety redundancy designs such as air pressure sensor, hydrogen leakage sensor (selected) and outdoor exhaust port ice condensation protector (selected in frozen areas) are adopted to further improve safety.

Technical Specifications

Concentration Factor ≥ 10 @ 750ml; ≥ 7 @ 350ml
Tritium Recovery ≥ 66% @ 700ml
Full Time for One Sample ≤ 52 hours @ 700ml; ≤ 24 hours @ 350ml
Stability Relative standard deviation of electrolysis time ≤2%
Tritium Recovery Deviation <10%
Concentration Factor Deviation <3% @ 700ml
Repeatability relative deviation of measurements <10%
Integral Cooling Temperature 5℃ to 10℃
Type of Electrolyzer solid polymer electrolyte (SPE)
Cell Life ≥ 6000 hours
Temperature Control Rangeof Condensation Unit -20℃ to 25℃
Exhaust H2 and O2 are discharged respectively
Power Supply 220VAC@50Hz
Power <2kW

Configuration List

ECTW-1 Water Electrolyzer for Tritium Enrichment

ECTW/112 Conductivity meter

ECTW/113 Oxygen meter

ECTW/301 Cation exchange resin

PUSU-35-1.5kg Refrigerant

PU-10*6.5mm Piping tube

ECTW/300 Syringe,30ml

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