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RAIS-1000/2 Series Portable Air Sampler

Short Description:

 The RAIS-1000 / 2 series Portable Air Sampler, used for continuous or intermittent sampling of radioactive aerosols and iodine in the air, is a portable sampler with good value for money. This series of sampler uses brushless fan, which avoids the problem of regular carbon brush replacement, provides strong extraction force for aerosol and iodine sampling, and has the advantages of long-term operation of maintenance-free, long service life and high reliability. Excellent display controller and flow sensors make the flow measurement more accurate and stable. Less than 5kg in weight and compact size for easy handling, installation and integration.

The series sampler comes in RAIS-1001 / 2, RAIS-1002 / 2, RAIS-1003 / 2 and RAIS-1004 / 2. RAIS-1001 / 2 sampler connects external sampling heads through a 1.5-inch inner tube screw interface. RAIS-1002 / 2, RAIS-1003 / 2 and RAIS-1004 / 2 sampler are standard with 4-inch filter paper sampling heads and a variety of optional ones..

Product Detail

Product Tags

Applied range

Environmental / Workplace Health care physical / Radiation Protection Radidevice / Radiation contaminated Nuclear counter-terrorism / Nuclear emergency Sampling of the nuclear facility chimney / Process pipeline

Main Advantages

Portable, Less Than 5kg;

Brushless Motor, 2-Stage Blower;

4.3-inch touch display can display instantaneous flow;

Elapsed, Resettable, Electronic Timer;

Real-time display of the standard condition flow, the standard condition cumulative volume, the fault information and other information;

Rich communication interfaces, including USB, RS485, Ethernet.



Technical parameter RAIS-1001/2 RAIS-1002/2 RAIS-1003/2 RAIS-1004/2
Flow range 60L/min  ~ 230L/min 230L/min  ~ 800L/min 400L/min  ~ 1400L/min 600 L/min ~2500 L/min
Sampling head connection port 1.5 in inner pipe thread  4 in inner tube thread 4 in inner tube thread 4 in inner tube thread
Aerosol collection efficiency ≥97% ≥97% ≥97% ≥97%
Iodine collection efficiency(Refer to, CH3I, iodine boxTC-45,70L/min) ≥95% / / /
Flow accuracy ±5%
Motor/Pump Brushless Motor, 2-Stage Blower
Elapsed Timer Electronic, Resettable Hours & Tenths of Hours, LCD read out, 5 year internalbattery. Minute timer may be substituted
Sampling method Intermittent sampling, continuous sampling, and fixed bulk sampling (optional)
Data display Transient flow, cumulative flow, maximum flow, minimum flow
Time between failures ≥10000h
Weight 5kg 5.7kg
Dimensions (L×W ×H) 12×11×9 in(305×280×235mm) 11×12×10 in(305×280×235mm)
Power supply characteristics 220VAC / 50Hz,450W
Ambient temperature -30℃ ~ +50℃
Relative humidity 95% (No condensation)


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